E1 Co-Teacher (State-Certified)

The co-teacher works cohesively with the lead teachers to help facilitate the Montessori teaching method. Specifically, they must help guide the child through self-directed activities, allowing the child to develop at his or her own pace. They are expected to foster, along with the lead teachers, a nurturing and stimulating environment. Job duties might include teaching lessons, organizing the classroom materials, helping to establish routines, cleaning the work space, and administering assessments. This position should have state teaching certification.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Work with and create a positive rapport with students and parents/guardians

  • Demonstrate successful teaching experience

  • A commitment to continuing enhancement of the learning experience

  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to constant improvement as a teacher

  • A commitment to work within the philosophy, standards, scope, and sequence of the Montessori curriculum

  • Perform other duties as appropriate in support the program

  • Participate in SMCS development of curriculum and instruction

  • Attend classroom field trips