Update for our Application Process

Ok, so we have finished our many revisions of the application, and submitted the final document to the Salida School Board, right on time,  in July of 2014!  Hooray!  We are so excited to finish this phase of the process.  

Right now the School Board is reviewing our application with the help of their District Accountability Committee.  They have three months, from the date of our submission, to finish this process.  During the three months of review, they will hold at least two public meetings to discuss the option of a Charter Montessori school, and to try to gauge public opinion.  (We will let you know as soon as the meeting dates and times are made available.)  This is not a proposal that will be voted on by the community at large, so these meetings will be very important to show the District that we do have lots of support.  In other words, PLEASE ATTEND EACH MEETING and show your support.  It can not be stressed enough how much this step is vital to our application; and we really want a great turnout to ensure that the School Board knows that this school is wanted.  The grueling work of writing the application is complete, but we truly need more than just our group to show up at each of these community meetings.  We can not thank you enough, in advance, for coming out and supporting the proposed Salida Montessori Charter School!!