Tina Gramann Presents: Salida Creativity Lab Summer Art Programs

Salida Creativity Lab proudly presents the 3rd annual season of summer art and theatre camps for children! New themes this year including Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Wonder Girl power- stage combat week, Upcycled Costume Design, Unicorns, Pirates Lost at Sea Comedy Week, and more. And we are excited to announce, our annual theatre production at the Boys and Girls Club: Disney’s Lion King Kids! (produced by special arrangement with Music Theatre International.) Also new this year: Open Studio sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons held after the camp day dismisses, 1:00pm-3:30pm. See the very bottom for more information about Open Studio afternoons. Enjoy perusing the themes below. I look forward to another creative summer with you!

About the camps: Explore art, theatre, dive into an imaginative theme using literature, visual arts and crafts, drama, movement, and music! Explore art mediums and techniques as you paint, draw, create, or perform. Learn about famous works of art or literature. Bring imaginative themes to life as you read and act out stories, play theatre games, explore costumes, or face paint! See link for additional information about summer art programs for:

-ages 4-7 at Children's Discovery Ranch and Salida Early Childhood Center

-ages 6 and up at the Boys and Girls Club

-ages 7-12 at Salida Montessori Charter School, E St Campus


Please bring to camp each day: Lunch, 1 snack, water bottle, and sun hat each day. (Campers age 4-6 should also bring a change of clothes in a backpack daily.) ***No nuts or nut products please. Bring a 2nd snack if your child is staying for Open Studio.

To register: Complete and return Registration Form and Medical Emergency & Release Form with $15 deposit per camp, and mail to Salida Creativity Lab, P.O. Box 182, Salida, CO 81201. Space very limited. Register today. Please contact Tina Gramann at tina@salidacreativitylab.com for more information.

French Cafe
June 4-7; Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-1:00pm
Location: Salida Early Childhood Center, 516 Teller. 
Ages 4-6. $85.
Grab your beret and join us for a festive French-inspired week filled with art, literature, and music. Dive into favorite stories such as Madeline, Adele and Simon, Eloise in Paris, Anatole, Linnea in Monet’s Garden, Mirette on the High Wire, poetry, music, and more. We will explore Impressionist artists and paintings like Degas, Monet, and Renoir. We will explore architecture and landmarks such as the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, and famous art of the Louvre. We will explore phrases and vocabulary, music, and pantomime. We will paint outside, create French inspired arts and crafts, and have a French-inspired lunch together in our cafe on the last day. Oui-oui!

Unicorns and Narwhal. Full and closed. Please inquire about wait list.
June 11-14; Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-1:00pm
Location: Salida Early Childhood Center, 516 Teller St. 
Ages 4-6. $85.
Get ready for an imagination filled week, and join us for a fun celebration of unicorns, stories and crafts. But let’s also hear about the real unicorn of the sea- the narwhal. Is it a dolphin, a porpoise, a whale? Discover its’ features, habitat, diet, behavior, threats, and other facts. Explore stories such as Not Quite Narwhal; Wendell the Narwhal, Uni the Unicorn, Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea, and more. Create unicorn and narwhal inspired arts and crafts; draw, sketch and paint; make unicorn headbands; and of course, help us make a unicorn pinata for our super duper ocean-rainbow- sprinkles- and- confetti party on the last day! This camp has filled. Please inquire about wait list.

Broadway Bound
June 18-21, Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-1:00pm
Location: Salida Early Childhood Center, 516 Teller St. 
Ages 4-6. $85.
Start spreading the news, we’re leaving today! From Salida to NYC, we’ll take an imaginary journey to Broadway and hear about the city of dazzling lights and American musical theatre. Get ready to tap your toes and move your bodies to the fun music of Broadway as you act, sing, and dance. Discover and explore musical theatre and Broadway terminology through books, show photos, and music. Explore the stories, characters, and songs from beloved musicals such as Annie, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of OZ, The Lion King, Aladdin, Seussical, Willie Wonka, The Sound of Music, and more! We will have costume play, mask-making, and stories. Join us for a fun introduction to musical theatre for young children!

Wonder Girls
June 25-28, Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-1:00pm. 
Showcase at 12:30pm on Thursday, June 28.
Location: Salida Montessori Charter School, 349 E St Campus. 
Ages 7-10. $85.
A unique camp just for girls. We will start by hearing about some of our favorite and inspiring women and girls, such as Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, Malala, and other female pioneers, past and present. Explore and discover stories of struggle and persistence. Dive into powerful poetry, books, and music such as “Life Doesn’t Frighten Me” by Maya Angelou, Dreams of Freedom, Hip Hop Speaks to Children and more. Journal, paint, and create as you explore themes of strength. Identify a few of your favorite fictional females such as Wonder Woman, Pippi Longstocking, Rey, or La Borinquena (from Puerto Rico!) and others. Discover the exciting world of stage combat, and of course, learn a few power moves from female fight choreographer Ms. Tina. We’ll put everything together- art, poetry, power moves, and costumes- and develop an amazing showcase for our family and friends on the last day. Kapow!

Pirates Lost at Sea: A Comedy and Improvisation Week
July 2,3,5,6 (no camp Wed, July 4; camp does meet on Friday, July 6.); 8:30am-1:00pm. 
Showcase at 12:30pm on Friday, July 6. 
Location: Salida Montessori Charter School, 349 E St Campus. 
Ages 10 and up. $85.
A shipwrecked crew lost at sea? Joke-telling by a band of pirates? Do you know a pirate’s favorite letter of the alphabet? Awe, no corny jokes here or ye be walkin’ the plank! Students ages 10 and up develop your comedy and improvisation skills and practice the rules of comedy such as “Always be saying’ ‘Aye, aye Cap’ain!; and ‘Ye always be makin’ yer crew mates look good !’” Play numerous comedy and improv games such as Pirate Ship, Freeze!, Slide Show, and more! Create a pirate themed show full of scallywags and bandits, and perform fer yer mums, dads, and rascally friends on the last day. Yaar!

Disney’s Lion King Kids musical theatre camp. 
Registration opens Monday, April 2 at the Boys and Girls Club.
July 9-13 and 16-19; July 9-13 & 16-18, 9:00am-2:00pm; **on July 19, class at 1:00pm.
Show on Thursday, July 19 at 5:30pm
Location: Salida Boys and Girls Club, 340 E 5th St.
Ages 6 and up; Boys and Girls Club membership fees apply.
Salida Creativity Lab and the Boys and Girls Club present the 3rd annual summer drama production: Disney’s The Lion King Kids. Produced with special arrangement by Music Theatre International. The African savannah comes to life on your stage with Simba, Rafiki and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle… and back again, in this inspiring, coming-of-age tale. Join Simba and gang as you rehearse the play, learn music and choreography, create masks, and perform for family and friends on the last day in this fun and fast-paced musical theatre camp. Co-directed and choreographed by Tina Gramann & Jan Justis. In consideration of the other cast members, students must be available to attend all rehearsals. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Register early as there is very limited space in each age group. Need activities for your child before 9:00am or after 2:00pm? No problem! Club membership allows students to participate in all club activities before or after the Lion King class.

Upcycled Designs: Theatre Costume Fashion Show
July 23-26, Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-1:00pm
Theatre Fashion Show at 12:30pm on Thursday, July 26.
Location: Salida Montessori Charter School, 349 E St Campus. 
Ages 7-10. $85.
Explore and discover fantastical characters from the stage such as the Tin Man, Titania the Fairy Queen, the Lion, Glinda the Good Witch, Ursula, Malificent, Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts, the Wicked Witch, Oompa Loompahs, Belle, and more. Hear stories of these and other famous characters, identify one or two of your favorites, analyze their character, then design and create an imaginative costume made from our upcycled material supply (think bubble wrap, piping, unique found objects, and more.) Create head pieces, masks, explore face paint, accessories and props for your character too. Then show off your creations on our very theatrical runway and fashion show for family and friends on the last day.

Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night
July 30-August 2, Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-1:00pm. 
Improvised showcase at 12:30 pm on our last day, Thursday, August 2. 
Location: Salida Montessori Charter School, 349 E St campus. 
Ages 9 and up. $85.
Salida Creativity Lab presents the 3rd annual summer Shakespeare camp for ages 9 and up: Twelfth Night. As the play begins, there is a shipwreck and Viola loses her beloved twin brother Sebastian at sea. Viola must go ashore but disguises herself as a boy named Cesario to find work. She comes under the service of Duke Orsino who is lovesick for Olivia. What happens when the Duke sends Viola (Cesario) to deliver a message? Love sickness, mistaken identities, and chaos ensues as we meet the others- Festes, Malvolio, Maria, and more. Will Viola ever see her twin brother Sebastian again? Come take a role and help us sort out the confusion in Shakespeare’s beloved comedy!

Open Studio: In need of activity for your child outside of camp hours? New this year, Ms. Tina is providing “Open Studio” for children enrolled in current week. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, from 1:00pm-3:30pm. Open studio includes quiet time for ages 4-6; free choice arts, crafts, play, reading, painting, sketching, and recess. Students staying for Open Studio should bring an extra snack for the afternoon. (*July 4th Comedy Week Open Studio days are Tuesday, July 3 and Thursday, July 5.) For students enrolled in current week only. Please sign up in advance, no drop-ins at this time. Open studio is not offered during the Lion King/Boys and Girls Club camp. (Please see Boys and Girls Club schedule if you are seeking additional activities outside of Lion King camp hours.) $10/afternoon.

Thank you for your interest in Salida Creativity Lab summer programs! Contact me Tina Gramann tina@salidacreativitylab.com for more information.


Other Summer Programs (NOT HOSTED AT SMCS)



STEAM camp for children entering grades K-6

Location: Longfellow Elementary

June 4-8


Cost: $235

For the young inventors among us, please see the information below from the camp promoters (this is not a SMCS hosted event):

Your child will become a Robotic Pet Vet™ using tools, circuitry, biology and physiology to take apart and diagnose puppy problems. Campers then celebrate the homecoming of their customized robotic pet as they demonstrate design engineering concepts in the construction of a new dog park attraction!

In Mod My Mini Mansion™ your child will dream up and design their very own futuristic smart home filled with gadgets, LEDs and technology – from exploring renewable sources to binary coding, this take-home mini mansion will make architecture concepts unforgettable!

Campers will launch into the future with their very own Optibot™– a small self-driving bot that senses change in light, as children go on an exploration adventure fueled by aerial, aquatic and land transportation technology!

Daily challenges will inspire your young innovator to Stick To It™using collaboration, discovery and invention prototyping to solve real world issues. Whether it’s through the lens of a physicist, engineer or entrepreneur, campers explore chemistry with magnetic slime, trajectory in a catapult challenge, and the exciting testing of mechanical gears and their robotic arm creations!

Availability is limited, so visit www.campinvention.org or call 800.968.4332 to secure your child’s spot today!  



SUMMER CAMPS & CLASSES (Early bird registration fees available until May 20th, 2018)


Summer Schedule found here.



Guidestone partners with local farms, ranches and gardens to provide youth with opportunities to ‘dig in’ and learn how to grow their own food, participate in farm and ranch life, interact
with farm animals, and play!

Pre-registration required for all programs

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