Our Mission

To offer an authentic Montessori education leading to students who are independent, inquisitive, respectful and empowered to realize their individual potential in future academic and life endeavors.

Tell Me
and I Forget

Teach Me
and I Learn

Involve Me
and I Never Forget
— Benjamin Franklin

Our Vision

An educational experience instilling the skills and knowledge for students to determine their personal visions of success and to achieve them. A culture that encourages students to respect themselves, other people and the environment. A school community that values every child and encourages involvement from every family.

Core Values

These values are meant to clarify our Mission and Vision Statements and to help define our driving principles.

Montessori Method: We believe it is critical that our school follow key Montessori principles: multi-age classrooms according to planes of development, peace education, deliberately prepared student-centered classrooms with experiential learning activities, three-hour work periods, an individualized curriculum and place-based learning through frequent excursions. The curriculum will be adapted to each child’s interests, capabilities and pace while meeting or exceeding Colorado state standards.

Montessori Trained Teachers: Our staff will be comprised of teachers who have completed Montessori training and others who value the Montessori method and are pursuing training.

Peace Education: We believe learning to respectfully and effectively resolve conflict through daily practice brings inner peace that can spread throughout the world.

Welcoming Community: Taking care of our families is an important part of taking care of our children. We want everyone to feel that they have a voice in our school community.

Embracing Differences: We believe that every child is an individual to treasure and recognize for her/his unique capabilities and accomplishments. Differences will be the norm.

Cooperative Culture: Students work together to complete projects. Students share their strengths by leading others. They celebrate each other and every students’ accomplishments.

Lifelong Learners: We believe that helping children to follow their interests within a learning environment from a young age leads to an inherent love of learning that they will carry with them in all future endeavors.

Global Community: We believe that teaching children how to participate in their communities will foster a willingness to interact with and impact the world around them, locally and beyond. This relationship also will instill confidence in going into the world to find answers and feel comfortable presenting ideas.

Community Partnerships: We believe that developing relationships with local artisans and businesses will expose students to several types of careers, hobbies and interests. When they experience this exposure, they can begin to define their own goals and desires.

Whole-Child Focus: We believe that social and emotional education are as important to a child’s development as teaching academics. We will educate to each of these areas.

Access: We believe that every student should have access to a wonderful education in the environment that is best suited to their individual learning style. We will provide a public option for toddler-8th grades that caters to any student regardless of background, financial circumstances or learning differences (our preschool is a public tuition-based program).