committee information


School Accountability Committee (SAC)

The SAC is responsible for reviewing the school budget and for gathering information regarding the health and vitality of our programs.  The SAC meets approximately 6 times per school year.

Next Meeting: TBD  349 E Street


Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee works to ensure the public knows about our school, our mission, our enrollment information, etc.  We are currently creating a brochure for SMCS.

Next Meeting: TBD


Grant Committee

The Grant Committee just received a wonderful award in the CCSP Grant!  We are so excited to have been awarded $435,000 over the next two years.  Congratulations!  Now, they are already hard at work on their next project.  

Next Meeting: TBD


Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee holds the job of ensuring that SMCS is true to its mission of "offering an authentic Montessori education leading to students who are independent, inquisitive, respectful and empowered to realize their individual potential in future academic and life endeavors."

Members include a teacher from each level, a parent, two community members who have extensive Montessori expertise, a parent/ board member, and the HOS.  They will be reviewing the present curriculum using benchmarks obtained from the American Montessori Association as well as the Montessori International Council.

Meeting quarterly, the committee will make recommendations, suggestions and observations to the Board, as outlined in the SMCS contract with CSI.  The committee is chaired by Janet Engel.

Next Meeting: TBD